October 21

Paintout at Princeton Academy

The Princeton Academy hosted a paintout on Saturday October 21st. Rebecca was one of 84 artists who arrived on the beautiful campus and painted until 4pm. From 4:30-5:30, a silent auction took place on all paintings completed during the day.

Here are a few images from the day.

The campus was absolutley beautiful and full of inspiration.

Artists could be found set up all over the lovely propery. What a sight!

Young artists got in on the action. There was something for everyone.

My set up.

At the end of the day, a silent auction was held on paintings that had been completed.

Sandra is the woman behind the paintout. She had not only the vision for the event, but worked very hard to bring it about. Thank you , Sandra!!!

"Quiet Ascent" was graciously purchased by the Academy during the silent auction.

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